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Four easy steps

It’s so easy to join happy families who enjoy holiday lodge and lodge style ownership with us.  Below is a guide to the four simple steps you will take to own the perfect holiday lodge or lodge style.

  • 1

    Select a region within easy travelling distance of your home that you and your family fall in love with. There are 17 locations to choose from, all with their own special appeal.

  • 2

    Find the perfect lodge that best fits all of your needs and budget. We have an exclusive range of pre-owned and brand new lodges and lodge styles at fantastic prices!

  • 3

    Select the best possible finance package to help you spread the cost. Ask us for a tailored quote and see what options would suit you best.

  • 4

    Never have to plan or book your holidays ever again. Just pack up, turn up and put your feet up at your ‘home away from home’ whenever you wish!