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Explore the benefits of buying a used lodge

A lodge isn’t just an investment in your future happiness and well-being, but your family’s too. They’ll benefit from luxurious, restful escapes to the countryside for years to come thanks to the superior build quality of our lodges.

Sometimes though, an owner’s circumstances can change and their much-loved lodge becomes available for a new family to enjoy. These lodges still offer all the luxury fittings and features of a brand-new lodge, but with the benefit of a smaller price tag. This often allows your budget to go that much further, so you can have the model you truly desire in the location you adore.

Although they are pre-owned these lodges have been exceptionally well taken care of. They were loved by people who shared your need to escape to a luxury, high-quality retreat in the great outdoors, and so have been treasured and kept special.

To arrange a viewing of your favourite location, and see what your new lifestyle as a lodge owner could look like, contact our team of experts.

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  • Cosalt Matisse

    Cosalt Matisse - £142,995

    Sleeps: 6 | Size: 33.00x20.00 | Year: 2006

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  • Willerby Pinehurst

    Willerby Pinehurst - £145,000

    Sleeps: 8 | Size: 40x20 | Year: 2020

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  • Omar Leisure Lodge

    Omar Leisure Lodge - £154,995

    Sleeps: 6 | Size: 32.00x20.00 | Year: 2003

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  • Pinelog Georgia

    Pinelog Georgia - £154,995

    Sleeps: 8 | Size: 34.00x20.00 | Year: 1993

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  • Willerby Portland

    Willerby Portland - £155,000

    Sleeps: 8 | Size: 40x20 | Year: 2020

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  • Prestige Foresters Lodge

    Prestige Foresters Lodge - £184,995

    Sleeps: 6 | Size: 42.00x14.00 | Year: 2017

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